Prophet Bushiri announce Malawi’s New Year Eve ‘Miracle Night Crossover prayers’

December 8, 2020
| Report Focus News

Malawi- The Prophets are not recognized in own land; but the return of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to his home country is yet to register huge recognition; after announcement of the first ever Miracle night crossover 2020-2021 prayer service at the Malawi’s National Bingu Stadium in the Capital City of Lilongwe on December 31st.

The Enlightened Christian Gathering Leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri returned home to Malawi citing lack of security for their lives in South Africa.

Initially such services used to take place in the FNB stadium in South Africa but for the first time it will take place in his home country, Malawi.

” I would like to announce to you that with God’s direction, we will be having crossover 2020-2021 service in the Bingu Stadium in Lilongwe,” said Bushiri

ECG spokesperson Ephraim Nyondo said he is expecting to see over 25000 to 30000 people from different countries attending the crossover service.

“Are you seeing what I see? No. Am seeing over 25000 or, just say 30000 people from different countries parts of the world in Lilongwe, all eager to crossover to 2021 with Major 1,” said 

Alot of followers on the Facebook page from south Africa and other countries have already started to express interest to attend the crossover service in Malawi.

” We are already on our way,” said one follower Gomez Desiree