Rwanda woman fighting against expensive periods

June 23, 2020
| Report Focus News

Blandine Umuziranenge is determined to make affordable sanitary pads for girls and women in Rwanda.

A packet of 10 pads costs around $1 (£0.80) in Rwanda. Despite the government promising to drop vale added tax (VAT) in December, the prices have not yet fallen.

“I wanted a sustainable, safe and affordable solution for us,”

Her organisation, Kosmotive, started making reusable sanitary pads three years ago called KosmoPads.

| Report Focus News

“After each use, the pad can be washed and reused. One can last for two years,” Ms Umuziranenge said.

A pack of five sells at between $3 and $6, saving users money over the long term.

Health experts warn there are risks in reusing a piece of cloth during menstruation, but Ms Umuziranenge says the KosmoPads are made with menstrual hygiene in mind.

Production has slowed since the outbreak of coronavirus as the cost of importing materials from China has tripled.