Confirmed coronavirus recoveries hit 1m worldwide

May 1, 2020
| Report Focus News

Around a third of the world’s known coronavirus patients, some 1,004,483 people, have recovered from the disease, according to data gathered by Johns Hopkins University.

The United States has had the most recoveries from Covid-19 – but has also had the largest number of cases.

  • US 153,947 (from a total of 1,070,026 cases)
  • Germany 123,500 (163,009 cases)
  • Spain 112,050 (213,435 cases)
  • China 78,523 (83,956 cases)
  • Italy 75,945 (205,463 cases)

But these figures come with caveats attached.

Firstly, they probably underestimate the true number of people who have recovered because many infections are mild and go unrecorded. The extent of testing also varies widely between countries.

Different countries may also record data about who has recovered in different ways.

With that said, Johns Hopkins says there has been a total of 1,014,931 recoveries from Covid-19 worldwide.

The UK is shown to have recorded only 859 recoveries from 172,481 confirmed cases of the virus.

However, that is likely to be a significant underestimate of the true figure. On Thursday, there were 15,043 people in hospital with coronavirus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.