Zimbabwe remembers late Morgan Tsvangirai birthday

March 10, 2020
| Report Focus News

Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) today remembered their founding president and former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai who would have turned 68 today.

The party’s national youth assembly showered praise to Tsvangirai who died on the 14th of February 2018.

 “On this day 68 years back a hero was born, Morgan Tsvangirai, the doyen of democracy, the father of democracy in post independent Zimbabwe. A man who lived a humble life of service and sacrifice epitomizing the struggle for a new Zimbabwe which would be anchored on rule of law and an end to misrule by ZANU PF,” reads a statement from the Youth Assembly.

“Morgan Tsvangirai was a dedicated leader and a selfless cadre who initiated the journey for the national democratisation agenda in the late 90s having led a life which was dedicated towards uplifting and ensuring collective bargaining for the workers in Zimbabwe through his relentless efforts at ZCTU,” the wing added.

In a tribute the youth accuse some party members of trying to destroy the party.

“Save (Tsvangirai’s totem) we have some misguided elements who have derailed from the party position and think they can use your name in cahoots with ZANU PF to perpetuate their agenda to destroy the party.

“As the MDC Youth Assembly we would want to state it very clearly that ,this party will not have any leadership determined by the courts or by any rogue elements who masquerade as the Tsvangirai legacy torch bearers to such demonic extends of taking traditional healers to Humanikwa graveside yet when Morgan  Tsvangirai was still alive the same were rebellious more than four times making headlines but now they want to be more Tsvangirai than the party and the people you left in the party who stood by you in turmoil and in tenacity,” the youths added.

One of Tsvangirai’s sons Richard took to social media and posted the message below;

“On this day 10 March, 68 years ago in Gutu Lydia Zvaipa and Dzingirai Chibwe welcomed their 1st born child. The couple named him Morgan, who later died 23 days before his 66th birthday. May his soul continue to rest in peace” wrote Richard.