Zimbabwe police under resourced but ready to deal with violence

February 24, 2020
| Report Focus News

Zimbabwe Home Affairs Minister, Kazembe Kazembe has claimed that police were ready to deal with the notorious machete gangs

Giving oral evidence before the Mines and Mining Development Joint meeting with Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services parliamentary committees to after touring several of machete gang ridden mining areas.

“The police were ready but they were having challenges to do with resources. Resources were made available and the police proved that they have the capacity to deal with these issues that is why there is sanity on the ground as we speak,” said Kazembe

Kazembe could not deny or confirm allegations that police officers were behind the robberies and violence in the mines.

“I cannot confirm or deny that. We have come across some police officers who were involved and they were arrested. We have a couple of officers who were arrested but generally we believe we are on top of the situation and we kindly appeal to the community to forward information should they witness anything

“With resources police are more than capable to deal with the situation. I do not think deploying the army is proper, I believe the police are mandated to deal with the public, when the army comes normally it’s the last resort” he said

There had been a spate of violence resulting in death of innocent civilians in mining towns where machete wielding gangs are attacking people. A police officer was also murdered prompting the Government to intervene.