United States Military Were Not Prepared for Kenya Attack

January 31, 2020
| Report Focus News

 The top commander of American forces in Africa has ordered a review of security on all bases in Africa following an attack on a Kenyan military base that left three Americans dead.

Gen Stephen Townsend is quoted as telling journalists on Thursday: “We were not as prepared there at Manda Bay as we needed to be”.

Islamist militant group al-Shabab attacked Camp Simba on Manda Island, in the popular coastal region of Lamu, and destroyed two aircraft, two US helicopters and multiple vehicles at the airstrip.

Al-Shabab said it “successfully stormed the heavily fortified military base” during the attack earlier this month.

The base is used by Kenyan and US forces.

Gen Townsend told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday that they were “keeping an eye on al-Shabab every day” and looking “for ways to reduce their capacity wherever we can”.

He warned against a reduction in the number of troops deployed to Africa.

“In the past maybe we’ve been able to pay less attention to Africa and it be okay for America, I don’t believe that’s the case for the future,” he told the senators.