Boris Johnson to welcome new MPs to Westminster

December 16, 2019
| Report Focus News

Boris Johnson is to kick start his first week back in the House of Commons as Prime Minister by welcoming his new intake of Tory MPs as they prepare to vote on his Brexit deal.

Many of the 109 new MPs won in areas traditionally held by Labour in Thursday’s election, which saw the Conservatives gain an 80-seat majority.

Mr Johnson plans to use his 80-strong majority gained in the December election to pass his Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) so the UK can formally leave the European Union by the end of January.

He has pledged to bring the Bill back before the Commons before Christmas, but it is not yet known when MPs will begin voting on it.

A Number 10 source said: “This election and the new generation of MPs that have resulted from Labour towns turning blue will help change our politics for the better.