Prophet Jay Isreal Snr sparks hot debate on wristbands and their imagined powers

August 31, 2019
| Report Focus News

Jay Isreal Snr’s sermon sparked a lot of interest among the Christian community and touched a few nerves particularly among those in the modern day prophetic churches.

So does the wristband posses any spiritual power?

Does your pastor teach the Truth? Have you ever questioned that fact? We often take this for granted. Yet sadly, in the Majority World most believers do not know that they are listening to false teaching.

Listening to a recent sermon by Jay Israel Snr caused me to ponder on some of the misconceptions that have been peddled as truth in many of the modern prophetic churches.
Indeed, with very low levels of literacy and education particularly in Africa many Christians are not equipped to know the difference. They are at the mercy of whatever teacher they decide to follow. In my travels, I have come across many amongst the modern prophetic church congregates who believe they are protected by anointed oil, car stickers calendars with their Prophet’s pictures and wristbands they buy from church.

The majority of pastoral leaders who are teaching these falsehoods may not realize it. They may claim that they are not teaching with a desire to deceive. They are teaching what they believe to be true. It is common to find a pastoral leader teaching heresy and falsehood. There are two primary reasons for this reality. A lack of formal training for pastoral leaders and a lack of solid written resources.

Today more than ever attention focuses on young and up coming charismatic prophetic churches. Newspaper headlines of their activities feature everything from miracle money to miracle healings, anointed oil, anointed pens and wristbands, all of these have hijacked the focus of the word taught in many a modern prophetic church. Not that the news media are unfair or disproportionate: in last 10 or so years most of the leaders in these new churches have focused most of their gullible followers on the miracles and powers alleged to be in these so-called anointed items and they have cashed in on this.

In most cases the majority of the congregations consist of young people who will be educationally superior to their parents, however, an alarming number have been morally and spiritually weakened by false teachings or the love of the dramatic prophetic displays synonymous with these modern-day- prophetic churches or both. Whereas, spiritual matters are concerned the vast majority of those who flock to such churches are isolated and confused on account of a culpable neglect by church and home with regards to their gospel grounding, biblical based truth and teaching. The majority of them now chase after miracles and seek items such as wristbands and other products which are meant for marketing and branding purposes. Worse still they are defensive and protective and to a greater part incorrigible when it comes to pointing out false teachings. These are facts which the modern Prophetic Churches have chosen to ignore for some considerable time, and the implications are disastrous.

The teaching below by Jay Isreal Snr was inspired and refreshing. One hopes this is the antidote that is most needed to free the minds of many held captive by the falsehoods that wristbands hold or posses supernatural powers. The teaching in Jay Isreal Snr’s sermon encapsulates this well and is a welcome sermon for this generation.

Indeed, many who clam to have a Christian upbringing have now been swallowed up by the love of these so-called anointed items ( wristbands, anointed car stickers, pens and all) such that they hold on to them dearly even substituting prayer in the hope that such items will deliver them.
Jay Israel Snr. boldly tackled this topic and articulated and elucidated the issues therein so well. I recommend that you watch the full sermon on the YouTube link below.