Uebert Angel delivered a striking and memorable sermon

August 22, 2019
| Report Focus News

Much has been said about Uebert Angel, but that aside his sermon titled DEPARTMENT of CORRECTIONS…… CONVICTED by CHRIST…Was a master class teaching which deserves attention.
Clad in an orange prison issue jumpsuit Uebert Angel articulated and delivered a serious message worth listening to.

Watch the video below

In this Masterclass sermon, Uebert Angel, founder of Spirit Embassy The Good News Church shared what many viewed as one of his best sermons: He demonstrated his God given prowess on how to Create and Deliver Messages that Captivate and Inspire.

The principles that he spoke about are really derived from what it means to be a Christian and one that is convicted by the word. He gave a high level view of three very important aspects of sermon delivery. There’s lots of different ways to look at sermon creation. There’s the preparation. There’s delivery. There’s evaluation. There’s conceptualizing where the sermon is going to go or where a series could go, but on this particular sermon he focused on 3 big areas of sermon delivery.

The first is a strong sermon opening. What does it take to have a really good strong sermon opening? The orange jumpsuits the visuals of chained convicts really aroused interest and invited much attention and thought to the message.

The second one is two things that you need to nail down for every sermon that you preach, and Uebert Angel was able to easily walk his audience through a process that made it easy to relate to his topic and articulated his message so well his examples and allegories were excellent and his delivery was on point.

And the third area of this masterclass sermon, is a very important one particularly for upcoming and budding preachers. Uebert Angel’s sermon was and should be a lesson to many preachers on how to avoid mistakes when ending a sermon. How do you end a sermon in a way that’s effective and leaves people at a point of decision, rather than a point of boredom and wishing that it was over ?

Uebert Angel has a televangelism channel accessible on Sky TV channel 596 and you can all get it on Freeview channel 264.