‘Abducted Zimbabwe comedian forced to drink sewer’

August 22, 2019
| Report Focus News

Harare- Bustop TV comedian Samantha Kureya also known as Gonyeti who was allegedly abducted by unknown men on Wednesday is said to have been forced to drink sewerage.

According to a statement from Bustop TV, Gonyeti was forced to drink sewerage before being stripped.

“They forced her to remove all her clothes & beat her up with weapons. She later walked around the Crowborough neighbourhood seeking for clothes after she was abandoned. She only got assistance on the 6th house whose residents had to throw a dress through the window. Everyone was scared” read the statement

Her sister is alleged to have also been beaten by the assailants who are said to have been armed.

Gonyeti’s colleague Sharon Chideu (Magi), Bustop claims was also targeted as armed men visited her home.

“Armed men arrived at Sharon Chideu aka Magi’s residents (sic) luckily she has been moved to a safe place. Her mom just called kuti tibve pamba”

Gonyeti is said to have been threatened with death of her mother if she reported about the abduction.

Her abduction is alleged to have been fuelled by their latest skit which were condemning police brutality.

Cases of abduction escalated last week, with most opposition activist claiming to have been abducted in the middle of the night.