Queen sends condolences and Air France offers free flight to Notre Dame re-builders

April 16, 2019
| Report Focus News

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has sent a message of condolence to French President Emmanuel Macron following the fire at Notre Dame.

The monarch said she was “deeply saddened” by the blaze and sent her “sincere admiration” to the firefighters who tackled the fire.

Here’s the full message:

“Prince Philip and I have been deeply saddened to see the images of the fire which has engulfed Notre-Dame Cathedral.

I extend my sincere admiration to the emergency services who have risked their lives to try to save this important national monument. My thoughts and prayers are with those who worship at the Cathedral and all of France at this difficult time.”

Meanwhile, Air France says it will offer free flights to people involved in the reconstruction of Notre-Dame.

The catastrophic fire engulfed the 850-year-old building after burning for several hours on Monday night.

It destroyed the cathedral’s iconic spire and roof.

Billionaires have since pledged to donate millions to help restore the landmark.

And now Air France has said it will assist in the reconstruction by providing free journeys to all those people involved with it.
Bosses have agreed to “ensure the free transport of all the official actors who will take part in the reconstruction of Notre Dame”.
It will also set up a voluntary collection system for its customers to help finance reconstruction.