Main Opposition leader in the U.K. says Julian Assange should not be extradited

April 12, 2019
| Report Focus News

There was always going to be controversy with regards Julian Assange the co-founder of WikiLeaks who was arrested in London on Thursday by the British Police.

Nearly 12 hours after Assange’s arrest on Thursday morning, the Leader the Labour Party, (Britain’s main opposition party) Mr Corbyn tweeted: “The extradition of Julian Assange to the US for exposing evidence of atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan should be opposed by the British government.”

Jeremy Corbyn has said Julian Assange should not be extradited to the US following his forcible removal from the Ecuadorian embassy in London.
The Labour leader urged the UK government to oppose the attempt to put the 47 year-old WikiLeaks founder to trial for obtaining classified information from former US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning.

Assange faces a maximum five year sentence if convicted of “conspiracy to commit computer intrusion” but officials are said to be considering bringing further charges.

Meanwhile, Ecuador’s ambassador to the UK, Jaime Marchan, who previously housed Julian Assange said that Assange had been disrespectful, “continually a problem” and interfered in elections, politics and the internal affairs of other countries during his stay at the embassy.