The Resurrection that was not; Daphne Mutemeri laid to Rest

March 28, 2019
| Report Focus News

We all love a story that ends well, and any family that has lost a loved one would desperately welcome a resurrection. The resurrection of Daphne Mutemeri was one that many had hoped was true, nonetheless the sad truth is that the spiritualists (Mapostori) who had taken advantage of the Mutemeri family’s misery could not resurrect her adding more pain and sorrow to the funeral proceedings.

The drama that unfolded after the 16 year old Highfields girl who was form 4 student at Kwayedza High School is not only shocking but painfully sad.
Social media was abuzz with news that there had been a resurrection. A Report Focus News correspondent on the ground had been assured that the girl had indeed, been resurrected and taken back home where she was eating and drinking.

However, it turns out that the girl who is said to have died as a result of typhoid was never resurrected and she has since been buried at Mbudzi cemetery in Harare.

Chaotic scenes ensured at the Mutemeri home as members of the public gathered around demanding answers as to what was actually happening. Some demanded that the coffin be opened others who believed she had been resurrected wanted to see her. Confusion and chaos prevailed at the Mutemeri home in Highfields, Harare as the crowd demand answers.
“This is very confusing they are many different versions of this girl’s resurrection some members of the family are saying she is alive but others are saying she never got resurrected. People believe that the coffin may be empty. There were two Mapostori women that prayed over the corpse yesterday and claimed she was alive but it looks like those women where just messing about. It’s very sad and painful for the family tempers are very high here. One of the relatives is now threatening to beat up people and has been chasing people away.” Said Tafadzwa Chikokonya who was part of the crowd that had gathered to witness the spectacle.

Circumstances regarding what really transpired resulting what was said to be a resurrection yesterday are still unclear not much could be ascertained as to why the family had brought Daphne’s corpse to the house from the cemetery. Efforts to get comments from immediate family members proved difficult as chaotic scenes continued and the family members refused to speak to the media.

Police had to be called in to maintain order and allow passage of the hearse as it drove off to the cemetery where Daphne Muteneri was finally laid to rest.

The spiritualists (Mapostori) women who had attempted to resurrect Daphne were no where in sight and their whereabouts could not be established however, there was another supposed Pastor who came and claimed he could resurrect Daphne, but, the family had been visibly devastated and had gone through enough trauma after the Mapostori stunt (failed resurrection) that went viral on social yesterday (Wednesday).