Another shocking resurrection miracle; girl raised from the dead

March 27, 2019
| Report Focus News

Not to be outdone by Alph Lukau; Members of the Apostolic Sect Resurrect dead school girl whose named Daphine but last name is yet to be established.

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With news of Alph Lukau’s resurrection miracle still fresh and topical on social media members of a spiritual church followed a hearse and told the family of the dead girl that they could resurrect the young girl.

It is said that the body of the girl was being lowered into his grave and the Mapostori interrupted the proceedings saying “the child is not dead” the coffin was then taken back up from the grave and put back in the hearse whereupon the boy was resurrected.

The dead girl is said to have been a form four student at Kwayedza High school in Highfields a high density suburb in Harare and is alleged to have been died for 3 days.

The spiritualists are said to have performed the resurrection miracle at Mbudzi cemetery leaving onlookers shocked and puzzled.