Voting Materials left out in the rain; is Nigeria ready for elections?

February 22, 2019
| Report Focus News

Just as the embattled Independent National Election Commission of Nigeria has been doing the best it can to assure the nation that it is in control and ready for tomorrow’s presidential and legislative elections, with all the election materials in place. It has come under more fire for failing to secure voting materials after boxes full of result collation sheets and ballot papers were left on damp ground after heavy rains.

Report Focus News spotted box loads of election material left out on damp ground in one local government area in Edo state, in the south of the country. The boxes at the bottom of the load were visibly damp, however, upon being quizzed about the neglected voting materials the local election authorities insist that everything is fine as there is a roof over the boxes.

Meanwhile, a video has surfaced in which APC officials are alleged to have been handing out 500 Naira to locals while encouraging them to vote for the broom.
Accusations of vote buying have dogged the 2019 elections in Nigeria among a rage of other election irregularities.