LETTER: ‘I am fed up with the weakness shown by people over Brexit’

December 21, 2018
| Report Focus News

I am getting fed up with the weakness shown by so many people concerning Brexit.

The nation voted and we must do as the result asked and get out of the EU.

Ever since the ‘negotiations’ began EU delegates have done their best to thwart the wishes of the people and have made no real attempt to negotiate.

We should leave, even without a deal, and not bow down to these people. However, have we got the people, with backbones and strong wills, who will carry this out? Let’s hope so.

I think, once the EU realises we are going, the leaders of the countries will realise how much they will be affected and will put pressure on the EU dictators to make sure there is a deal which is satisfactory to all sides.

John Holder