Tony Blair tells May to ‘stop banging her head off wall’ on Brexit

December 14, 2018
| Report Focus News

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair has urged Theresa May to stop “banging her head against a brick wall” over Brexit.

Following a speech in which he called for another referendum on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, Mr Blair said there was a case to be made.

“My advice to the Prime Minister is very simple,” he said. “I actually think, funnily enough, she could still play a role in this if she just decided that given the fact there isn’t a majority for any form of Brexit, she could facilitate a chance for everyone to vote on the options.

“It’s not that hard as a prime minister to say ‘look I’ve done my best, I’ve tried my level best, I’ve been negotiating for two and a half years, I’ve done everything I possibly can to reach an agreement, I’ve listened to you, and I’ve listened to you, and I’ve tried to square the circle – I can’t.

“And what I’ve come up with is the best that I can come up with and you, parliament, rejected it, so you the British people now must decide what we’re going to do.’

“My advice to her is there’s no point literally in carrying on banging your head against this brick wall. It’s sensible to take your head off the brick wall and think creatively.” – PA