Supreme Court partially reinstates Donald Trump’s travel ban

June 26, 2017
| Report Focus News
Washington, June 26 (Prensa Latina) The US Supreme Court accepted today the case of President Donald Trump”s travel ban and decided to enforce parts of the controversial executive order until the final ruling.
The highest court in this country had not formally decided to take the process presented by the administration of the ruler, but reported today that ‘the review has been guaranteed.’

Thus, the panel of nine judges will have to determine whether the veto approved by the head of state on March 6 is legal, which is a major flaw in the scope of presidential power.

The review of the case will take place during the next court term, scheduled from October to June 2018.

The president’s decree seeks to prevent the entry into the United States of people from six Muslim-majority countries – Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia – for 90 days, and for four months the arrival of refugees of any nationality.

Several district and appellate courts have decided to block the enforcement of such a measure at the national level because they consider it discriminates against Muslims and violates the constitutional principle of religious freedom.

However, the Supreme Court ruled that while it decides on the case, within 72 hours the arrival in this nation of travelers from those countries that do not have relatives in the United States or who have not processed their entry to work is prevented.