Donald Trump Just Disrespected Our Fallen Soldiers ?

May 30, 2017
| Report Focus News

President Trump presided over his first Memorial Day service at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia, honoring the fallen warriors who sacrificed their lives for our nation and its interests abroad.

It wouldn’t be a Trump ceremony, however, without some egregious and disgraceful show of idiocy from our President – and he did not fail to deliver.

In this clip, the President of the United States is seen swaying and mouthing the words -incorrectly, we might add – to the anthem in a glib and disrespectful manner as Defense Secretary James Mattis and the sergeant-at-arms stand completely still.

Memorial Day is a somber occasion, a day reserved to honor those who paid the highest price to defend the freedoms the United States holds dear and to keep our nation safe from those that would do us harm.

Trump, who dodged the draft multiple times and referred to his promiscuity as his own “personal Vietnam,” just openly made a mockery of fallen soldiers with his little song-and-dance routine. While there may be times where this kind of patriotic exuberance might be appropriate, a memorial service at a cemetery is not one of those times.

If President Obama had done this, FOX News and the right-wing media machine would be up in arms, calling him a traitor for disrespecting our fallen soldiers. There won’t be a peep from them about this today.

This is just the latest insult from a man who has actively disrespected and cheated our veterans time and time again and who is not fit to be commander-in-chief of this once-great nation.