Tony Blair tells May to ‘stop banging her head off wall’ on Brexit

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair has urged Theresa May to stop “banging her head against a brick wall”.

Theresa May safe as she survives confidence vote of Tory MPs

British Prime Minister Theresa May has won a vote of confidence in her leadership of.

Growing majority of Conservative MPs indicate support for Theresa May

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May has secured indications of support from at least 185.

Who could replace Theresa May as the next Tory leader and Prime Minister?

Theresa May’s time as Prime Minister looks all but over after Tory MPs called a.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May faces vote of no confidence

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will face a vote of no confidence in her leadership.

Armed police hold man inside Parliament grounds

Armed British police detained a man inside the grounds of parliament in Westminster on Tuesday..

Prime Minister Theresa May confirms plans to delay Commons vote on Brexit deal

The prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed plans to delay the crunch Commons vote on her.

The European Court of Justice to rule on Brexit reversal

The European Court of Justice is set to rule on whether the UK can unilaterally revoke.

Brexit Deal Vote: Everything you need to know about what the result will mean for Britain

The Brexit story is set to reach its climax this week when MPs hold their.

Boris Johnson
What does a leaked recording reveal about Boris Johnson’s Brexit stance?

I’ve been sent a recording of a presentation made on Tuesday by the great champion.