British Brexit minister to hold talks with EU – source

British Brexit minister Dominic Raab will hold talks with the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator,.

Spotify and Netflix could be blocked for UK citizens on holiday after no-deal brexit

Spotify, Netflix and other online streaming services could be blocked to British citizens on holiday.

Brexit : Boris Johnson brands Theresa May’s Chequers plans “a cheat”.

Theresa May’s Brexit plans would defy democracy and cheat the voters, Boris Johnson blasted today.

Theresa May statement: ‘I expect respect from the EU’

Theresa May says she wants to clarify several issues. She says she wants to be.

Britain’s housing minister says time for EU to evolve its stance on Brexit

Britain’s housing minister said it was time for the European Union to evolve its stance.

Brexit : Fears no-deal Brexit could spark riots, military may be DEPLOYED

Fears no-deal Brexit could spark riots, could force the police to call on the military amid fears.