EFF Condemns ANC-DA Grand Coalition Cabinet Announced by Ramaphosa

June 30, 2024
| Report Focus News
January 24,2017. Julius Malema addresses media on the 3rd Plenum of the EFF At media briefing at the EFFÕs headquarters on Monday, Malema shook his head as he expressed his disappointment and lack of confidence in MkhwebaneÕs ability to fulfil her role as the Public Protector. Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Pic: Alon Skuy. © THE TIMES

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) sharply criticized the recent announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa regarding the formation of an ANC-DA coalition cabinet. The EFF has expressed strong opposition to what they describe as a “government of national unity” (GNU), dismissing it as a guise for the ANC’s strategic alliance with the Democratic Alliance (DA), which they label as a “racist” party.

The EFF argues that this new cabinet represents a betrayal of the ANC’s historical legacy as a liberation movement in Africa. According to the statement, the ANC has now become an instrument of white supremacy, serving the interests of domestic and global capital. The coalition has been heavily criticized for increasing the number of ministerial and deputy ministerial positions, which the EFF claims will place additional financial burdens on taxpayers to accommodate what they see as regressive policies.

“The cabinet’s expansion is not only a strain on the nation’s resources but also a clear indication of the ANC’s willingness to compromise its principles for power,” the statement read. The EFF further alleged that the ANC has surpassed the compromises it made during the 1994 democratic transition by granting the DA significant ministerial roles and the position of Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

The EFF’s statement emphasizes that these new appointments will likely lead to the implementation of policies favoring market fundamentalism and profit maximization by corporate interests, which they believe will exacerbate poverty and inequality. Sectors such as agriculture, trade, finance, education, energy, and infrastructure are at risk of falling under the influence of individuals who prioritize the interests of the white minority, the EFF warned.

The statement also condemned the inclusion of other GNU members as mere “glorified spectators,” claiming they legitimize the coalition’s alignment with racists and their financial backers, notably the Oppenheimer and Rupert families. The EFF asserted that their decision to remain outside this coalition is vindicated by these developments.

Highlighting past warnings about the influence of wealthy families on South African politics, the EFF accused these financial elites of distorting the political landscape to serve their interests, resulting in a right-wing enclave that is resistant to meaningful change. The statement called on South Africans and international allies to recognize this shift and join the EFF in opposing what they see as a betrayal of the liberation movement’s ideals.

Asserting their role as a steadfast opposition, the EFF pledged to continue fighting against capitalism, racism, corruption, and poverty. The party aims to lead a new revolution to reclaim South Africa’s democratic principles and ensure true liberation for the majority. The statement concluded with a rallying cry for a principled and revolutionary alternative to the current political landscape.

The EFF’s national spokesperson, Leigh-Ann Mathys, reiterated the party’s commitment to economic freedom and resistance against the ANC-DA coalition, stating, “It’s no retreat, no surrender as we confront racists and their lapdogs!”