Henrietta Rushwaya Receives Overwhelming Support from Eight Provinces to Retain ZMF Presidency

December 2, 2023
Henrietta Rushwaya | Report Focus News
Henrietta Rushwaya

Harare, Zimbabwe – In a show of solidarity, the Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) President, Henrietta Rushwaya, has secured the unwavering support of eight provinces within the artisanal and small miners association to maintain her presidency. This endorsement comes in the wake of recent legal troubles faced by Rushwaya, who was charged with gold smuggling and subsequently fined.

A critical meeting convened in Harare on November 24, 2023, proved to be a pivotal moment for Henrietta Rushwaya. Amidst the backdrop of her legal ordeal, this gathering of influential miners from across Zimbabwe reaffirmed their confidence in her leadership, endorsing her as the head of an association that has played a crucial role in transforming what was once a chaotic and unregulated sector into a formalized industry.

The motion to support Henrietta Rushwaya’s presidency was initially proposed by Makumba Nyenje, the Chairman of the Midlands Province, and was seconded by Christine Munyoro from Mashonaland Central. Their endorsement laid the foundation for a unanimous show of support from six other provinces, as well as representatives from the Youth and Women segments, represented by Darlington Ndlovu and Mrs. J. Mazivazvose, respectively.

ZMF President Henrietta Rushwaya | Report Focus News
ZMF President Henrietta Rushwaya

A memo released by the Zimbabwe Miners Federation stated, “At a meeting held in Harare on the 24th of November 2023, The Midlands Province led by Chairman Makumba Nyenje, moved a motion to support the Presidency of Henrietta Rushwaya and this was supported by Christine Munyoro from Mashonaland Central. The Youth and Women represented by Darlington Ndlovu, Mrs. J. Mazivazvose, and the other six provinces unanimously supported the motion. Having received such recommendations, the National Executive hereby fully endorses the Presidency of Rushwaya as ZMF President.”

Artisanal miners are a cornerstone of Zimbabwe’s mining industry, contributing approximately 60% of the country’s total gold output. Henrietta Rushwaya’s leadership has been instrumental in championing the cause of these small-scale miners and promoting their formalization, ensuring a more transparent and regulated mining sector.

While Rushwaya faced legal challenges related to gold smuggling, her ability to secure such resounding support from ZMF members underscores her standing within the mining community and her commitment to advancing the interests of artisanal and small-scale miners. As she continues to lead the Zimbabwe Miners Federation, many are hopeful that her presidency will further contribute to the growth and development of this vital sector of the Zimbabwean economy.