Zimbabwe Government Disburses Over $827 Million for Teachers’ Children’s School Fees

January 21, 2023
Dr Tsitsi Choruma | Report Focus News
Dr Tsitsi Choruma

The government of Zimbabwe has disbursed over ZW$827 million to date for school fees for children whose parents are teachers employed in the civil service, according to the Public Service Commission (PSC). In a statement, the PSC Secretary, Dr. Tsitsi Choruma, said that this support for teachers’ children’s education was the result of a “conscientious process of working out the modalities of operationalizing the scheme.”

The PSC Secretary added that following engagement in the context of the Joint National Negotiating Council in 2022, the government resolved to extend allowances to pay school fees for children of teaching parents in both primary and secondary schools. The School Fees Allowance facility caters for up to a maximum of three biological children of teaching parents.

Dr. Choruma also announced that the Salary Service Bureau had processed the payment of ZWL$827 847 387.81 for 41,194 children of 18,794 teaching parents under the School Fees Allowance. This comes as a relief to many teaching parents who have been struggling to make ends meet and pay for their children’s education.

Going forward, the PSC has set the following dates for the submission of applications for the 2023 school fees allowance: 30 January 2023 for the 1st term, 15 May 2023 for the second term and 11 November 2023 for the third term. Dr. Choruma emphasized that the onus is on the applicants to ensure that their applications are submitted by the specified dates, and that late applications will not be processed. A complete application must include a Completed Application Form; Certified copy of National Identity Card of the Applicant; Certified copy/copies of Birth Certificate (s) for biological child/children and Proof of Enrolment of child/children from the school they attend.

In conclusion, the government of Zimbabwe remains committed to ensuring the well-being of all civil servants, and this disbursement of funds for teachers’ children’s school fees is a clear indication of that commitment.