Malawi’s entrepreneur calls for lasting solution to escalating political unrest

August 31, 2019
| Report Focus News

One of the giant entrepreneurship companies in Malawi, PIM , has urged the government and it’s critics to come together and find a lasting solution to the country’s political impasse which he says, has greatly affected the private sector in the sub-Saharan country.

Malawi has been locked up into political unrest since the announcement of the May elections whose results are being challenged in court by two presidential contesters.

Despite the case being in court, some quarters led by human rights activists have been protesting on the streets, demanding resignation or firing of the Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson Jane Ansa.

The demonstrators accuse Ansa of rigging votes towards incumbent President Peter Mutharika.

Kondwani Kachamba Ngwira, the Director of PIM which runs several projects including coaches, hospital and Laboratory, told Report Focus that the continued protests have paralysed the entrepreneurship sector which remains an engine of Malawi’s economic growth.

“We are heavily affected by the current political unrest as entrepreneurs,” says Ngwira, who is the role model for youth entrepreneurs in the country.

“For example, I have cancelled trips for my coaches during protests just to protect my property and passengers, many others are closing their businesses as well to prevent them from looters, and the negatively impacts a lot to both the entrepreneurs and the government in terms of revenue collection.”

Ngwira wonders why could the conflicting parties fail to tolerate each other and resolve their differences for the love of the country.

“We understand and agree that demonstrations are a constitutional right but for how long shall we remain in a situation which destabilises our economy?, For how long are both the conflicting parties keep on watching the country burning?, We really need a solution to this crisis and forge ahead with development,” observed Ngwira.

Meanwhile, the supreme of Appeal has banned the protests until 9th September for the conflicting parties to negotiate on property protection for businesses, but Ngwira asks the concerned parties to take this chance to discuss about Malawi’s peace.

Ngwira who expressed interest to contest the next presidential polls taking place in 2024, however, urges aspiring entrepreneurs not to be let down by such shortfalls.

“As entrepreneurs, let’s get United and support each other during this gloomy period, we shouldn’t get discouraged because we are the pillar of the country’s economy,” he said.