Malawi father poison own children

August 31, 2019
| Report Focus News
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Four children are battling for life at a major referral hospital in Mzuzu city, Northern Malawi, after allegedly being poisoned by their biological Father.

Police in the city have identified the suspect as Stain Linyama aged 60. On a fateful day, the children father had your maize flour and relish for supper.

But after the children had cooked the food and started eating, one by one started vomiting and opening bowels.

“Surprisingly the father did not eat his food and also paid no attention to the condition of his children. This forced the well-wishers to take the children to the hospital and later reported the matter to Police,” said Edith Katchosa, the Police Publicist for the city.

The policewoman said the children are at least responding well to the treatment.

She said the Police have since detained the suspect for Investigations, and that he will be charged once their Investigations implicates him.

The poisoning of own children is a rare case in Malawi but there had been accidents of step-parents poisoning children.