‘Zanu PF youths will repel MDC moves’

August 20, 2019
| Report Focus News

Harare-Zanu PF youths have vowed to repel any attempts by the Movement for Democratic Change to overthrow the Government through demonstrations.

Speaking to journalists at Zanu PF headquarters, party secretary for youths, Pupurai Togarepi said those sponsoring the MDC were sponsoring terrorists.

“We (Zanu PF) have the mandate to rule which we got from the people. We will defend that duty and we will do so,” Togarepi said.

“Anyone else who wants to govern must wait for 2023 so they campaign and win. For the time being, it’s us and let us lead. This is the type of people we have; people who can say it openly that they want to topple a democratically elected government. This is nothing else except that we are dealing with a terrorist organisation.

“Anyone who is sponsoring MDC, who is giving them money to destabilise Zimbabwe is aiding terrorism.” said Togarepi

The International community has castigated government’s response to the demonstrations were protestors were beaten by law enforcement agents.

The MDC has vowed to continue with demonstrations despite the courts barring them from staging them. The opposition has seen two of their demos in Harare and Bulawayo being prohibited by the courts.