Lamar Odom’s new girlfriend banned him from watching pornography

August 19, 2019
| Report Focus News

The former NBA player’s new girlfriend Sabrina Parr revealed she has banned Lamar from watching pornography and she believes it has improved their “intimacy”.

Speaking to TMZ, she said: “He doesn’t do that anymore. He was a sex addict, you can’t watch porn if you’re a sex addict and have a healthy life. Or be with me, so… It’s been maybe about a month. It’s improved our intimacy because it’s just us now.”

Sabrina also admitted she has put the 39-year-old sportsman on a strict diet and exercise regime. 

She said: “He’s doing a mile run in the morning, he’s working out. We’re changing his palate, he’s eating different things now, drinking more water. I cut dairy out of his diet.”
32-year-old life coach Sabrina was recently asked why she decided to pursue a relationship with Lamar considering his previous problems, including a struggle with drug, alcohol and sex addiction and a near-fatal overdose in a brothel in 2015 but Sabrina insisted the “pain and the drama” had come at a different time in his life.
She said: “I wasn’t attracted to the pain and the drama.

“You have to meet people where they are. He was never in a position to be someone’s husband, you know? He was sick.

“He needed to heal. He needed to grieve. He experienced a lot of losses. And he never had time to go through that.”

Lamar was previously married to Khloe Kardashian from 2009 to 2013 but they split due to a combination of his addictions and infidelity.