Number 10 cancels staff leave up to Brexit day

August 10, 2019
| Report Focus News

United Kingdom government advisers have been told to forget about any holiday plans they may have had before October 31, Brexit deadline day.

Special advisers were e-mailed by Johnson’s senior adviser Edward Lister on Thursday night, saying that there is “some confusion about taking holiday” and told that none should be booked until October 31, with compensation considered “on a case by case basis” for those who had already booked leave, though the e-mail said advisers were free to spend their weekends “as you wish”.

“There is serious work to be done between now and October 31st and we should be focused on the job,” the e-mail said.

Johnson wrote to civil servants on Friday saying his “top priority” was preparing “urgently and rapidly” for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit on October 31, adding that he “would very much prefer to leave with a deal” that gets rid of the contentious Irish backstop.