MDC calls for an apology from Defence deputy Minister

July 30, 2019
| Report Focus News

Harare-The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has expressed concern over statements attributed to Victor Matemadanda deputy Minister of Defence in which he threatened to unleash the army should there be protests.

In a statement MDC national spokesperson, Daniel Molokele said the constitution guarantees the right to peaceful protests therefore Matemadanda must withdraw his statement and apologise.

“Zimbabwe is a constitutional democracy that guarantees the right to peaceful protest for all its citizens.Section 59 of our   national Constitution fully guarantees all Zimbabweans right to ‘demonstrate and present petitions in a peaceful manner’”

“The MDC therefore demands that Matemadanda not only withdraw his uncalled for threats; but also that he issues an unconditional apology to the nation” said Molokele

According to media reports, Matemadanda allegedly threatened to unleash the national army to all those planning to stage any protests.

 The threats come in the wake of a national prayer week called by MDC President Nelson Chamisa which he says will be decisive in the country economic turnaround.

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