Zimbabwe Netball Team (Zim Gems) gets fancy website

July 22, 2019
| Report Focus News

Following their very successful netball World Cup expedition the Zimbabwean netball team was gifted with a website profiling and documenting their achievements.

Yeshua Digital a website building company based in the United Kingdom partnered with Report Focus News to create a website for the Zim Gems.

The editor of Report Focus News, Dr. Brilliant Pongo said “we are thrilled to have partnered with Yeshua Digital to create a website for the Zimbabwe Netball team, we followed their prolific story and watched them as they took part in their median World Cup experience and we felt that we needed to contribute something to honour them and after looking around to find something fitting we noticed that they did not have a website. And thus, we felt it was fitting to engage Yeshua Digital to create and manage a website for the team which has brought so much pride to Zimbabwean sports.”

The Zimbabwean netball team finished 8th at the just ended netball ball World Cup. Dr. Pongo said he would be contacting the staff and the head of the Zim Gems to present the website to them.

“This is a small token of appreciation just to say well done Zim Gems you have done Zimbabwe proud.”

You can view the website by following this link https://www.zimgems.com and should you want a website built for your business or personal use Yeshua Digital is the place to go.