Twitter goes down amid White House social media summit

July 11, 2019
| Report Focus News
United States PresidentTrump’s favorite social media platform has stopped working even as he was hosting a White House meeting about deplatforming and other forms of online censorship. The cause of the outage is unknown.

“We are currently investigating issues people are having accessing Twitter, and we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening,” a company spokesperson told Report Focus News

Before the outage, attendees had been tweeting selfies and observations as they waited for the White House program to start.

The outage appears to be global, with reports coming from all corners of the world and not just the US. showed that there are nearly 50,000 incidents of people reporting issues.

The White House is convening some of Twitter’s most vocal critics, who contend the company punishes conservative users through “shadow banning” by making their accounts more difficult to follow and their posts more difficult to find.