Chiwenga alive and says accident was not normal

June 13, 2019
| Report Focus News

Harare-Contrary to social media reports that controversial preacher Apostle Talent Chiwenga had died, the preacher is alive and confirmed that it was not a normal accident.

The 34 year old preacher was involved in road accident on the 235km peg along the Harare- Masvingo highway.

“This was not an ordinary accident. My suspicion is that there were people who knew that we had gone to South Africa and they were waiting for me. It all started at the Boarder where Zimra officials took some time to stamp our passports” said Chiwenga from his hospital bed

Chiwenga said there was a vehicle that went in front of his vehicle and was travelling at a speed of 120 km per hour. Before that he had seen a Toyota Avensis barge in colour that was behind his vehicle.

“We were replacing a fan belt on our vehicle and a Toyota Avensis was two metres behind us. When we had finished fixing the car we went to a nearby service station and refuelled but the car that came at the service station did not refuel meaning that they were after us” narrated Chiwenga

He claims that he was trapped in the vehicle and the ambulance took more than normal to attend us. One of his aide who died in the accident is said to have alerted Chiwenga during the tragedy that there were people around the vehicle.

“He told me that I should not mention my name as well as speak because the men were around us. Since I was the most trapped person they thought I had died. It was not a normal accident they did not shoot me because they thought I had died”

Chiwenga was saddened by the death of his wife and his aides, and described their death as cruelty from politicians.

“It is unfortunate I have lost relatives, I lost my wife, the mother of my children and I don’t know who is going to take of them (children). This is the cruelty of our politicians” he said

 Chiwenga said he had suffered injuries on his right arm which had fracture and had also damaged his fingers.

He was due to go for operation on the arm on Thursday afternoon. Chiwenga had written a letter to President Mnangagwa requesting to meet him over what he termed threat from the Central Intelligence Organisation and the Military Intelligence Department.