Undercover Billionaires’ Louis Jr Tshakoane A Victim of extortion.

May 30, 2019
| Report Focus News

One of South Africa’s youngest millionaires Louis Jr Tshakoane has claimed he is a victim of extortion and harassment from unscrupulous police officials and journalists.

Tshakoane who Louis Jr Tshakoane who is a well-known Best-selling author. Master Forex Trading Millionaire has been featured on Vuzu Rich Kids during 2016 for his inspiration lifestyle. Started Undercover Billionaires International as a business networking company aimed at alleviating poverty by bridging the gap between aspiring millionaires and existing ones. At the age of 16 Tshakoane, Jr became the youngest self-made millionaire in South Africa when British Billionaire from the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson gave him R2 million rand in gym equipment and R500, 000 in cash to help previously disadvantaged youth in a township east of Johannesburg called Tembisa.

Speaking to Report Focus News Tshakoane lamented that a sophisticated illegal syndicate using State resources and bribes has targeted his person and concocted a range of allegations aimed at tarnishing his name and designed to pressure him into paying them bribes.

“I am reliably informed that a group of unscrupulous media journalists, police officials, Hawks officials, and the public prosecutor have been accepting bribes from one of our Forex competitors in order to keep me and my family behind bars for no justifiable reason they just want to taint my reputation.” Tshakoane said.

Tshakoane say he has been was continuously harassed by corrupt officials police who have at one point unlawfully kidnapped him. “I was once taken captive by Captain Gobozi and handed over to an Investigating officer from Estcourt KZN to appear in another matter which Gobozi created after reviewing Undercover Billionaires bank statements and fabricating a new case simply to frustrate me. I was already on bail in Johannesburg for R70,000. It is my informed belief that this was a clear act of defeating the ends of justice.”

Subsequently, Gobozi resigned from his post and is no longer serving at SCCU Johannesburg. The case in Estcourt was subsequently withdrawn due to lack of evidence.

Tshakoane lamented the fact that corruption has become a cancer in South Africa and may soon dissuade and discourage potential investors and other millionaires from carrying out legitimate business in South Africa.

“It is clear that the Corruption problem in South Africa is still thriving. A Cancer to the progress of the Country. How are the youth supposed to excel in business when they prosper devilish behavior is being displayed by law enforcement?”

Tshakoane said formal complaints have been made to the office of the President, NPA, IPID, ACU and Public Protector.
Interestingly several cases of fraud that have been brought against Tshakoane have proven to be a waste of resources as they have all been legally thrown out.

Of note was the investigation the Fraud Department of FNB found nothing that can categorize Undercover Billionaires international as a ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme as all funds paid into the company account were used for business purposes such as marketing expenses, travel and transportation costs, salaries, office rentals, stationery, equipment, property, tax etc. Instead of the typical borrow from Peter to pay Paul scenario. Undercover Billionaires has also presented source or funds to FNB.