Zimbabwe urged to improve education for people with disabilities

May 24, 2019
| Report Focus News

Harare-The Deaf Zimbabwe Trust (DZT) has welcomed the education policy and called for the speed completion of the policy as it will create environment that cater for children with disabilities.

Addressing journalist in Harare, Thursday DZT executive Director Barbra Nyangairi said inclusive education requires barriers to learning to be addressed.

“DZT requests that the inclusive education policy be completed because it will create school environments that meet the needs of children with disabilities and ultimately improve the learning outcomes of learners with disabilities. Inclusive education requires that attitudinal and environmental barriers to learning are addressed” said Nyangairi

Though the country developed a sign language syllabus she said it was depriving learners who are deaf as it has not been implemented.

“Zimbabwe has developed a sign language syllabus from ECD to Grade 3 and this is yet to be implemented thus prejudicing learners who are deaf. In addition there is need to develop the sign language syllabus for Grade 4 to Ordinary level. There are deaf learners in the schools prejudiced because of lack of sign language syllabus” she said

DZT says inclusive education is a human rights based approach which recognises that its barriers must be removed from society to ensure that all children achieve their potential.