Fuel Prices Set To Go Up Again In Zimbabwe

May 21, 2019
| Report Focus News

Zimbabwean motorists have been left dumbfounded after the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority announced that fuel prices will not be going up, but later issued a contradictory document stating the new hiked prices . The fuel crisis that has persisted for a long while in Zimbabwe does not seem to be resolved.

Fuel dealers and the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority are said to have held talks about fuel prices and agreed to hike the fuel prices.

The Zimbabwean fuel dealers are said to have stopped selling fuel after the RBZ announcement removing the 1 to 1 fixed exchange rate for fuel dealers.

In a paper circulating on social media dealers have proposed new prices of RTGS4.96 for petrol and RTGS4.88 for diesel.

| Report Focus News

| Report Focus News

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