IEC rejects calls for independent audit into the SA 2019 general elections

May 11, 2019
| Report Focus News

The South African Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has snubbed demands for an independent audit into the 2019 general elections.

27 small parties had given the electoral body until 11 o’clock on Saturday to appoint a firm that has no ties with government or face legal action.

The aggrieved parties were concerned over claims of double voting and the use of ink that could be erased in some instances.

However, the IEC says it’s confident that the 8 May polls were free and fair.

It says the request is not a legal requirement and its confident of its audit that its doing with the Statistician General will be credible.

IEC Chief Electoral Officer, Sy Mamabolo is urging those with proof of irregularities to present the evidence to authorities.

On Friday, domestic and international observers the endorsed the Wednesday polls – saying they were credible and the IEC has done a good job despite a few challenges.