My clothing range is Jesus inspired says Gospel legend Sabastian Magacha

May 7, 2019
| Report Focus News

‘There is no limit to creative genius’

Yes, the Contemporary Zimbabwean Gospel legend is set to launched a clothing collection, and it includes a heap of stuff inspired by Jesus Christ. As you’d expect, the new range features men-robes, sharp tailoring and frock coats.

Sabastian Magacha is indeed, a creative genius. In an exclusive interview with Report Focus News Magacha said “as we progress with the year it will all become clear as to where my team and I aim to take our creative genius to.”

Magacha revealed exclusive pictures of his new clothing rage to Report Focus News speaking of the piece in the image below he said:

| Report Focus News

“The clothing line is one of many creative things that I am working on. It caters to a particular niche. The suit is a fusion of western suit and we decided to add a kente tail to it to give it an African flair. “

Responding to the question of where he draws his inspiration from and what inspired this bust of creative genius Sabastian Magacha said;

“As you are aware men- robes are common in many parts of the world including Nigerian, the Muslim countries, the Irish and particularly for this look I took a lot of inspiration from Jesus who wore men-robes.”

Asked if he thinks this will be accepted by everyone Magacha retorted.

“My aim is to make sure I create something that is global and international. But speaking to and appealing to a specific niche. Just like everything that is out there, this may not always be accepted by other people. However there are also those who appreciate this style of dressing, our main focus is on them. The collection has many items that we will release as time progresses and not all of them have a robe like look, someone are complete suits etc.”

Asked how he would respond to negative feedback and reviews Magacha’s response was candid he said

“As someone who has been in the public light for over 15 years, I have received a lot of negative and positive comments from people, my main focus is on God and for me to allow the gift of creativeness that God gave me to manifest. I am from a society of very opinionated individuals, whatever they think I will always love and appreciate them either way.”

Pertaining his faith Sabastian Magacha said;
“I am a lover and follower of Jesus, my faith is as solid as it can be, in fact at this moment my relationship with God is at it’s best. I feel closer to him now than ever before, that is the most important thing to me right now.”

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