The Comments by Zimbabwe’s Opposition leader panics the Ruling party

May 3, 2019
| Report Focus News

Harare-Zanu PF has reacted to comments made by MDC President Nelson Chamisa in which he said more protests were coming in a few days.
Speaking at the party headquarters in Harare yesterday Zanu PF secretary for information and publicity Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo said Chamisa’s remarks were an affront to the peace and tranquillity prevailing in the country.

“The recent utterances attributed to MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, at an occasion meant to celebrate workers day which has received massive coverage in the private media wherein he announces his party’s intention to cause mayhem and anarchy in the country through engaging in senseless demonstrations is an affront to the peace and tranquillity prevailing in the country” said Khaya Moyo

He noted that the MDC had a history of causing mayhem in the country and that security organs will not fold their hands.

“Having noted the historical modus operandi of the opposition and anti-establishment regime change forces as exhibited by their stayaway on 14 January 2019 which caused wanton looting, malicious damage to property and loss of lives and impinged on the individuals’ right to go about their business in peace and security, the ruling Zanu PF wishes to inform the nation that the threats will not be tolerated as corrective action is being taken by the appropriate security organs of the state” he said

Chamisa’s came comments came during the workers day commemorations with the youthful leader expressing that the current economic situation will force people to the streets.