Zimbabwe’s Opposition leader promises mother of all demonstrations

May 2, 2019
| Report Focus News

Harare- Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa warned the Mnangagwa Government that Zimbabweans will take to the streets to demonstrate against the economic meltdown that has seen prices of basic goods going up on a daily basis.

Chamisa was addressing workers during the workers day commemorations in Harare on Wednesday.

 “ZCTU is organising people, MDC is mobilising people, civil society is co-ordinating people. We don’t need any money from the British. Our co-ordinator is poverty, our mobiliser is unemployment.” Chamisa said

The youthful leader said when his party eventually calls for the next demonstrations against the depressing economic situation, they will surpass the January protests organised by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions.

The January protests came about as a result of increases in fuel prices and they turned violent leaving more than 15 people dead whilst hundreds were injured.

Close to 1000 were arrested with some including labour leaders and political activists facing charges of trying subvert a constitutionally elected government.

Zimbabwe is grappling with high unemployment rate owing to poor policies that have seen prices of basic commodities shooting.