Air Zimbabwe’s only working aircraft grounded

April 29, 2019
Air Zimbabwe | Report Focus News
Air Zimbabwe

A small fire incident on an Air Zimbabwe flight on Sunday night has forced the carrier to ground its only operating aircraft.

The Boeing 767-200ER, which has to be one of the hardest-working aeroplanes in the aviation industry, serves the Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls routes as well as Johannesburg.

“Air Zimbabwe wishes to inform the public that their Boeing 767-200ER servicing flight UM462 (JNB/HRE) on 28 April 2019 experienced a malfunction on one of its engines resulting in a brief tail pipe fire.

“However, the malfunction did not threaten the continuation of the flight and safety of the crew and passengers on board and it landed safely in Harare at 2035hrs.” read the statement

“We regret to inform our valued passengers that this incident may result in a disruption of our normal schedule.”

It, however, continued on its journey and landed safely in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare.

The grounding has disrupted travel and left many passengers stranded.

Air Zimbabwe has been burdened by debts which reportedly amount to more than $800m (£620m).

Authorities have been trying to turn around the airline’s fortunes, and to acquire additional planes to boost the fleet.