Prophet Edd Branson receives Honorary Doctorate

April 28, 2019
| Report Focus News

The founder and leader of Jesus Generation Ministries International Prophet Edd Branson received an honorary doctorate In Dubai for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Leadership from The Global Academy Of social sciences of India.

The Zimbabwean based, Prophet , said the award of Honorary Doctorate from The Global Academy Of social sciences of India was a ‘surprise and a huge honour.’

Only two people received Doctorates and where honored by the world business leaders summit which was hosted by His Royal Highness H.E Rashid Farooq Al Arshi in Dubai. The other recipient was also another Zimbabwean business mogul Frank Buyanga.

Speaking to Report Focus News from his Dubai hotel Prophet Edd Branson said, “I never expected this. It is a huge honour. I am particularly touched by it because I would never have dreamed that, I would one day be in Dubai as the first prophet to be honoured in this way.”
I would like to express my gratitude to His Royal Highness H.E Rashid Farooq Al Arshi for hosting me.”

Prophet Edd is currently flying high, just a couple of weeks ago he was again honoured in Nigeria and Made an Ambassador for WHAF (World Habitat Ambassador Forum).
Which works in conjunction with United Nations to provide sustainable housing for marginalized people all over the world. This prestigious accolade awarded to Prophet Edd in Nigeria places him in the hall of fame making the Zimbabwean born church leader the 15th person in the world to receive this title.

Prophet Edd Branson through his ministry runs the Edd Branson Foundation, a charity that has been at the forefront of assisting the poor in Africa. He had championed anti-poverty campaigns by assisting young entrepreneurs and inspiring and motivating more young millionaires.