Gugu Ncube’s lawyers consider suing the Police

April 10, 2019
| Report Focus News

Gugu Ncube’s legal representative, says they are considering suing the Police for using excessive force against their client. Gugu was arrested for public indecency after she staged a half-naked protest outside the Union Buildings last month.

Gugu Ncube said she wanted to highlight the sexual harassment she allegedly suffered at the hands of her boss while working at the University of South Africa’s early childhood development centre and which she claims her employer failed to investigate.

Gugu is expected back in the Pretoria Magistrates Court on Wednesday.
Gugu Ncube was arrested for public indecency after her demonstration and granted free bail last month.

Gugu’s legal counsel Mpho Nefuri, said they were still considering the option of laying a criminal complaint against the police officers who arrested her for using excessive force during her client’s arrest.
Nefuri said police could not justify the use of such force when arresting a woman who was not violent or armed.

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