Beauty comes from the inside says Yollanda Musa, Zimbabwean born model

April 8, 2019
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I haven’t done a competition in a while so I  was excited to be be competing in Miss Swimsuit UK 2019 on 23 March 2019. Miss Swimsuit UK’s motto is to Be Confident,  Be Fun and Be You. This is what stood out for me as the competition encourages you to be yourself and to be confident with being yourself. 

I challenged myself to enter Miss Swimsuit UK despite my initial thoughts that my body looks nothing like the other girls from the past competitions.  I looked further into the competition and discovered that the competition looks for candidates with beauty both inside and out. In addition, there are no restrictions for candidates to be a particular body shape, weight or height. This really motivated me to apply. I also applied in the hope that sharing my experience will inspire someone else who lacks self confidence.

Growing up I lacked confidence in my body shape which I would describe as a naturally athletic build . High school years I found myself comparing myself to other girls who appeared more curvy and feminine. In addition, I was raised in an African community where the “ideal” body shape is a curvy woman so  I was often teased about being “too skinny.”  I used to believe my body was not feminine enough because I do not have big hips, bum or breasts.  My view on this has since changed as I have grown confident in the way I look.   I no longer compare myself to others as I realize women are different shapes and sizes.

Participating in beauty pageants and photo shoots has really helped me develop my self confidence.  I took part in my first beauty pageant in 2015 and I panicked when I found out there was a swimwear round. I remember thinking my body isn’t feminine enough to look good in a  swimsuit. I did a lot of research on swimsuits that would compliment my body shape and managed to find a swimsuit that I was happy with. Choosing the right swimwear for my shape also helped my confidence show on stage when I did my walk.

Miss Miss Swimsuit UK

| Report Focus News
Photographer Brian Hayes

I have now gone on to do photo shoots for swimwear brands and I have featured on a swimwear brand website.  I  have collaborated with swimwear and fitness brands and found a market where my body shape works very well.

Miss Swimsuit UK 2019 semi final was the next challenge I took on and I was again excited to have yet another opportunity to represent petit models. 

The London heat which took place on 23rd March 2019.  I do appreciate the support that I have received from well wishers thus far.

I am overwhelmed with the support I have received so far and I would like say a special thank you to Ian Trayner my sponsor for this event.

I look forward to collaborating with other brands in the upcoming events.

Keep an eye on my instagram @yollandamusa for regular updates.

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