Outraged! As shocking video of South African Nursery teacher abuses children

April 4, 2019
| Report Focus News

Outrageous is not ample description of the shocking behaviour of a nursery care giver who was filmed beating up a child. The nursery worker who was filmed beating up a child who had vomited has shocked the world.

South African Police have confirmed that the Carletonville nursery school caregiver who was filmed assaulting at least three toddlers enrolled at the school has been arrested. 

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Warrant Officer Peter Masooa said the woman appeared in court on March 28 after a fellow teacher opened a case of assault on a minor against her.
Masooa said the woman was remanded in custody while investigations continue. He said the woman would make her second court appearance soon.

The ANC councillor for the Fochville area, Nkosinathi Salane, said action needed to be taken against the caregiver and the person who took the videos.

“This incident shows that these kids are not safe, these people are not equipped to take care of young children. Tthe crèche must be closed,” he said.

At least three videos have gone viral on social media depicting what appear to be the same woman assaulting toddlers. 

If the dialogue heard on the video is anything to go by, one of the toddlers was beaten for vomiting while another was beaten for not wanting to sleep.

The three videos show how the caregiver repeatedly smacked the children on the buttocks, slapped them over their heads with open hands, beat one on the head with a wooden scrubbing brush and grabbed them by the collars.

One of the children was seen being grabbed and thrown on to the carpet, where the caregiver is then seen putting her foot on the little boy’s head.

The World Health Organization (WHO) describes child abuse as a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there’s an expectation of trust, which causes harm or distress.

Speaking to Report Focus News one nursery worker from Pretoria who chose to remain anonymous said, “the video is shocking one wonders why anyone would do that to a child. People with such anger issues and no love for children should not be allowed anywhere near children. I hope the police will act and arrest that woman. Parents pay hard earned money to put their children in daycare centres and nurseries like that, but it is heartbreaking to see such abuse. The child will be traumatised and will not want to go to nursery this is unacceptable. My heat goes out to that poor child.” She said.

Cases of child abuse in care centres have been on the rise in South Africa and the public expects the law to come down hard on those who abuse children.

Despite the extent and magnitude of violence against children in South Africa, political and financial investments to prevent violence against children remain low. A recent costing study investigating the social burden and economic impact of violence against children in South Africa found notable reductions to mental and physical health outcomes in the population if children were prevented from experiencing violence, neglect and witnessing family violence.

On Thursday last week the school gates were closed with only parents being allowed on the property.

A staff member came to address a crowd of reporters and members of the ANC gathered outside.

“I am not in a position to say anything or allow anyone inside – for the children’s safety. I am not hiding anything,” the staff member said.
Concerned parents are said to have withdrawn their children from the nursery which is said to be one of the best crèches around. With kids of policemen, brigadiers, lawyers and teachers enrolled there.