MDC-T sacks spokesperson for wearing ZANU PF Regalia

April 4, 2019
| Report Focus News

Linda Masarira who was the spokesperson of the Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T party was sacked and expelled from her position as spokesperson on Wednesday after she was photographed wearing Zanu PF regalia.

This comes after a photograph of Masarira draped in Zanu PF regalia went viral on social media. It had always been alleged and there had been ever rising concerns that Masarira was ZANU PF sympathiser. These allegations and fed into a well banded accusation against the Thokozani Kupe led MDC-T party that it is a Zanu PF-funded project.

The picture was said to have been taken while Masarira was on a visit to her husband’s rural home. Zimbabwean traditions require a daughter in law to have some sort of wrapping cloth to cover her lower body but Masarira said she had left her wrapper in Harare, and her in-laws gave her the Zanu PF branded wrapper to use while she was there, hence the misfortune.

In a letter to Masarira, the MDC-T’s National Standing Committee said it was an “undisputed fact” that she had, on March 24 this year, “circulated several pictures of you wearing Zanu PF regalia”.

“Your aforementioned transgressions clearly and unequivocally established that you had deserted the MDC-T and that you had supported another political party whose regalia you wore,” the MDC-T said.

The party had “consequently, subsequently and uninanimously agreed and resolved that your membership of the MDC-T should be immediately terminated.”

Masarira, who confirmed her sacking on Twitter, said she was planning her next move, but ruled out an appeal.

“We meet to part and part to meet. I’m not going to challenge the expulsion as that would put me at the same level of myopia, tomfoolery and intolerance. It’s difficult to exist in an establishment where guns are always out blazing on you. I came, I served and got fired,” she said.

“I’m now moving on with my vision for Zimbabwe which I had put on hold to assist a sister Thokozani Khupe who was facing a lot of abuse from misogynists in Zimbabwe’s political landscape. Unfortunately, she succumbed to pressure from some sheep in wolves’ clothing posing as loyalists.”

The MDC-T is a breakaway party from the main party led by Nelson Chamisa. The split followed a dispute over the MDC’s leadership in the wake of founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s death.