MPs vote to force Theresa May to seek a further Brexit extension

April 3, 2019
| Report Focus News

Parliament has approved a bill that effectively rules out a no-deal Brexit by forcing the government to seek an extension from the EU if it cannot pass a divorce plan by April 12.

The vote comes after Theresa May met Jeremy Corbyn for talks on Brexit.

The discussions between the leaders, who are trying to find agreement on a way forward, were described as “constructive”, but Mr Corbyn added that they were “inconclusive”.

The cross-party Cooper-Boles Bill, which was fast-tracked through Parliament in one day, was approved by MPs by 315 to 310 votes after its second reading.

It was later passed by one vote, with 313 votes for and 312 votes against.

The third-reading vote just before midnight on Wednesday means the Prime Minister has a mandate to ask for an Article 50 extension.