Labour Leader Corbyn says talks with May were “inconclusive”

April 3, 2019
| Report Focus News

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has hinted his talks with Theresa May didn’t quite go as he had hoped, calling the meeting “useful but inconclusive.”

“We had a discussion and there hasn’t been as much change as I expected but we are continuing to have some discussions tomorrow morning to explore some of the technical issues,” Corbyn said, according to the Press Association.

“The meeting was useful but inconclusive,” he added.

Corbyn said he advocated Labour’s Brexit position during the talks. “We want to achieve a customs union with the European Union, we want to have access to the market and, in particular, we discussed the dynamic regulatory alignment that is guaranteeing European regulations as a minimum on the on the environment as well as consumer and employment rights,” he said.

Notably, that synopsis of the conversation doesn’t include any mention of a confirmatory referendum on any Brexit deal, for which many in his party have been pressing.

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