Mnangagwa foreign trips rile Zimbabweans

March 26, 2019
Zimbabwe president Mnangagwa t | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe president Mnangagwa

Harare-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s foreign trips have received a widespread condemnation from Zimbabweans across the political divide.

Since taking over in November 2017 Mnangagwa has travelled more than 25 times in trips that many said have yielded nothing but just empty promises.

“How does he justify his trips when he says we have signed economic deals with certain countries, where are deals that he signed in Euro-Asia. Where they meant for Zimbabwe or it was for him and his cronies” asked Terrence Muza a political activist

Others felt the trips were unnecessary as he might have delegated his deputies or even ministers to embark on such trips.

“This is another Mugabe in all facets, the old man might be even better. Instead of taking those trips he should just assign his deputies or Ministers. Take into consideration the amount of money spent on his entourage as well as his security.

“I doubt if he cares about this country, take a look at trips that his allies are taking and you expect the economy to pull out of this comatose” said an MDC official on condition of anonymity.

Despite all these groaning Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet George Charamba has been defending his boss saying diplomacy does not come cheap.

“There are certain costs which we have to incur. In any case, let us not forget that diplomacy does not come cheap. They (trips) will continue to gobble for the simple reason that the President is taking on an assignment like engagement and re-engagement, promoting Zimbabwe as an investment destination that is a spending item” said Charamba
Charamba also said Mnangagwa was hiring planes for his trips for the simply reasons that the country’s airliner is ailing.

President Mnangagwa has been hiring private planes for his foreign trips and at one point in time chartered a brand new $15000 an hour gulf stream to fly former first lady Grace Mugabe from Singapore following the death of her mother on August 30 2018.