Former SA President’s son in court for culpable homicide

March 26, 2019
| Report Focus News
Duduzane Zuma appears at the Randburg Magistrates court, Johannesburg, where he is facing charges of culpable homicide linked to a 2014 collision between his Porche and a minibus taxi. Picture: Alaister Russell/The Sunday Times

Duduzane Zuma the son of South Africa’s scandal-hit former President Jacob faces two counts of culpable homicide for a deadly 2016 car crash.

Duduzane Zuma is being prosecuted over the death of Zimbabwean national Phumzile Dube, who was killed when Zuma’s Porsche collided with a minibus taxi in 2014 on a major highway in South Africa’s economic heartland of Gauteng. He has pleaded not guilty.

Zuma stands accused of negligently causing the deaths of Phumzile Dube and Nanki Mashaba.

Dube died on the scene of the crash while Mashaba died in hospital several weeks later.

Duduzane’s father former President Jacob Zuma will probably attend proceedings as he has in the past when his son appeared in the same court.
Duduzane Zuma last appeared in court in January. His trial has been set down for four days.

The state withdrew a second culpable homicide charge related to the death Nanki Jeanette, another passenger in the taxi.

Duduzane Zuma first gained notoriety over his business relationship with the controversial Gupta family.

He was charged with corruption and conspiracy to commit corruption related to his dealings with the Guptas, but the state provisionally withdrew the charges in January in what was seen as a major victory for him.

Duduzane Zuma, his father and the Guptas have always denied being corrupt.