Cyclone Idai adversely disrupts fuel supply into Zimbabwe

March 21, 2019
| Report Focus News

GT, Mines and Specialities Manager Chris Kasima of Total Zimbabwe has said that fuel supply to Zimbabwe has been disrupted due to the damages caused by cyclone Idai.

Zimbabwe will face a temporary but critical shortage of fuel because the jetty in Beira has been damaged and can not receive vessels to discharge.

He also said the pumping house roof was blown away and the electricity board was damaged however the extent of the damage was yet to be established.

The condition of the pipeline is yet to be established and thus, they await to hear from the National Oil Infrastructure Company (NOIC) on the way forward.

Total Zimbabwe is the country operation of Total S.A, a French multinational integrated oil and gas company. It supplies Zimbabwe with fuels of Petrol engines and diesel engines, domestic fuels (paraffin), aviation fuels and automotive lubricants.

There had been fears of a possible crippling fuel shortages in Zimbabwe after cyclone Idai destroyed some most of the Mozambican Port city of Beira.

Beira is a pivotal route for delivery of goods into Zimbabwe. The officials in Zimbabwe who have been inundated with search and rescue operations following the devastation of cyclone Idai have not as yet issued a statement with regards the impending fuel crisis.

| Report Focus News

The damages to the Beira port has a domino effect as it is the main route for receiving goods for not only Zimbabwe but Zambia, Malawi and DRC.